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My son wants to eat nothing but sweets!
Q: My son is becoming a challenging eater. He likes chocolate and frozen pops. I am trying to give him chocolate soymilk when he asks for chocolate. What should I do for the frozen pops? I need to get him to eat more vegetables and fruits again.
Leah Belleville
A: Good move with the chocolate milk, Leah. Consider making your own frozen pops out of juice. Fill 3-ounce paper cups with 100 percent fruit juice and freeze until partially set. Stick a wooden craft stick into each when the liquid is solid enough to support the stick upright, and finish freezing. He might even like them better if he is allowed to help with the preparation.

To get him to eat more vegetables and fruits, ask him to help you plan the meals, giving him the task of choosing the vegetables for the day. Children love to contribute and take great pride—and eat more—when they have been allowed to help.