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My 3-year-old doesn’t want to go to my health club’s nursery!
Q: My 3-year-old daughter screams when I take her to the childcare room at my health club. I have left my class early many times to stop the crying and give the other children a break. What can I do to make this a positive experience? I work out of my home so she and I are always together.
Laura Paso Robles
A: Find some playgroups so your daughter can get used to playing with other children while you’re close by. And hire a baby-sitter to be in the home while you’re working. These two ideas will help your daughter learn to tolerate the separation.

It doesn’t sound like she’s ready for the childcare experience at the gym. Can you leave her at home with a sitter or a relative while you work out? She’ll eventually be able to handle childcare, but this will take time.

By the way, fathers play a very important role in helping young children develop independence from their mothers. So if you’re married, encourage your husband to spend more time taking his daughter places and doing things with her. Good luck!