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Grocery Shopping Tips
Grocery List:
Keep a running list attached to the front of the fridge or somewhere easily accessible to all family members. When something runs low, everyone who can write can add to the list.

Grocery Store:
Ask for a free aisle map at your favourite store. That way you can organize any coupons and plan your shopping list to save time retracing steps.

Bulk Purchases:
Avoid running out of staples, and take advantage of lower prices by purchasing in bulk items such as paper products or detergents.

Fridge & Counter:
Clean out the fridge before heading to the store or on garbage day so there’s adequate space for new food.

Bag Groceries:
If possible, help bag your groceries so you can group like items together (frozen, refrigerated, cleaning supplies). This makes unloading them at home less time-consuming. If you have small amounts to buy, use the automated checkout and bag items to your preference.

If you can, leave your kids with your spouse. If not, try to shop during off-peak hours. Make sure your child eats before and bring along a snack, just in case. For young children, use stroller-attaching toys for the cart so you don’t spend time picking up toys or losing them.

Dr. Bettye M. Caldwell Ph.D. Professor of Pediatrics in Child Development and Education