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Early Pregnancy Loss
Being prepared often begins with a simple (or so it seems) piece of equipment: the nappy bag. Every parent has one, and some have two—one that stays in the car as a back-up in case the other is forgotten or when there’s simply no time to pack because you need to leave the house immediately.

When picking the actual bag, you can expect to choose among hundreds. The choice depends as much on your personal style as on how light or heavy you like to travel. On one end of the spectrum are plain, sleek, black numbers that can do double duty as bags appropriate for the office. Others are less shy about their identity—the ones that shout “I am the proud parent of a baby!” and are decorated with designs of teddy bears or rattles. Some are so roomy that they could easily be converted later into real luggage.

Shop around to find a bag that suits your style and feels comfortable slung over your shoulder. Resist bags that have little handles that you need to grasp; you’ll need your hands free for other things!

Laura E. Stachel M.D. Obstetrician & Gynecologist