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My 14-month-old won’t drink milk!
Q: My 14-month son drinks soy-based formula, but he doesn’t want it anymore. However, he won’t drink milk, so I blend it with formula. He’ll only drink one 7-ounce cup in the morning. Twice he threw it up. He doesn’t want other dairy products or Pediasure®. He eats table food three times a day and drinks 9 ounces of diluted juice five times a day. He doesn’t have allergies, and I don’t think he’s lactose-intolerant. Help!
Allyson New York
A: Milk and soy have very different tastes, so I agree with blending the two until your child gets used to the taste of milk. A serving size of milk for a 14-month-old is 4 ounces, so it is probable your son threw up the 7-ounce serving because it was more than his stomach could hold. If he were allergic to milk, he would vomit every time you gave it to him, or have some other reaction. Lactose intolerance would cause him to have lots of painful petrol. Pediasure® is just another form of milk-based formula and unnecessary unless your child is failing to thrive.

I am concerned about the amount of juice your son is getting. If given the chance, children will consume most of their calories in liquids, particularly if they’re served in a bottle. My recommendation would be to decrease the amount of fluids you’re offering and give them by cup only. You will probably see his appetite for solid foods increase as he stops snacking on fluids. I would also suggest a six-meal-a-day pattern, trying those foods he has been refusing as snacks. Just offer them and allow him to choose to eat them. If he refuses, keep it available for him to help himself when he is ready. You may be surprised to find the foods eaten when you aren’t looking.