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Does baby get iron without cereal?
Q: My 9-month-old daughter will not eat baby cereal. I've been trying since she was 4 months old! I give her baby food like bananas or prunes, but she'll have a few bites then want her bottle. Is that sufficient? She's healthy as a horse, but I'm concerned about her iron intake.

Shannon New Victoria
A: Shannon, please speak to your pediatrician about your concerns. Iron can be given through drops, but there's also iron in her formula, so she's not going without it. You should have her blood levels looked at periodically so that she doesn't become anemic. Iron carries oxygen through the bloodstream and is important for proper growth and development.

Perhaps an easier way to get her to eat foods that are high in iron is to offer regular cereals that small children can tolerate, like Cheerios® and Kix®. Both are fortified with 45 percent of the daily iron needs per serving. Both dissolve in the mouth so they aren't a choking hazard. Plus, they help improve children's eye-hand coordination.

When you buy any cereal, always look at the nutrition label and only pick those with 45 percent RDA for iron to ensure your child gets a good amount.