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Did I start my baby too early on solid foods?
Q: I started feeding my baby on cereal at 17 weeks and solid foods at 19 weeks. She is doing very well. Should I be concerned that I started solids too early? She is still drinking the same amount of formula as before.
A: Mothers have started feeding (too) early for generations and we have all survived, so don’t feel guilty. If your baby is thriving and continues to take the recommended amount of formula, I don’t see a problem with that. Some babies are ready earlier and although the current guideline is waiting until 6 months, the 4 to 5 month recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics is still in effect for some babies. Now that we are actually researching infant nutrition, the guidelines may change yet again.

One reason for holding back is to allow the infant’s immune system to develop so it can protect against allergic reactions or sensitivities from certain foods, and to give the baby’s gut time to mature enough to properly digest certain nutrients. We want your baby to thrive in the first six months, not use all her energy to try to digest a food she is not ready for.