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Is a daily glass of wine OK when you’re expecting?
Q: I enjoy a glass of wine after dinner and am finding it difficult to give up, even though I am two months pregnant. My family is getting on my case to stop. They think it will hurt my baby. I’d stop in a minute if I believed they were right.
Tammy Wellington, Fla.
A: Your family is correct. Alcohol is harmful to the developing fetus. The babies of women who drink one ounce of hard liquor daily are at risk of developing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. These children can be developmentally delayed, have facial deformities and grow slowly. Heart, kidney and liver problems can also arise in babies exposed to alcohol. Some have problems with their memory, learning and attention span. The degree of problem is dependent upon the amount of alcohol the woman drinks during pregnancy.

Not every child will develop full-blown FAS. Some will have a milder form, causing milder learning and attention deficit problems.

So you don’t put your baby at risk, it’s best to stop drinking. Remember, it’s not too early to start demonstrating parental responsibility. Give your child the best opportunity to be a healthy vibrant adult.