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Can I offer my 19-month-old three foods at once?
Q: My 19-month-old son has been eating cereal more than a week ago, and we started bananas and peas one at a time. Now that I know he’s not allergic to them, can I give him all three foods together? He weighed 14 pounds and was 26 inches long at his last doctor’s appointment; he was 20 inches and nearly 7 pounds at birth. He lunges for the spoon at mealtime.
Lorie Akron
A: Lorie, your son has doubled his birth weight and appears to be growing well. He is also showing the appropriate feeding cues for solid feeding, so continue what you are doing. To answer your question, as long as you have not seen any reactions to the foods you have introduced so far, you should be able to give them together without any problems. We usually encourage mums to keep to the single foods when introducing, as you have been doing, so that you can easily identify food that may cause a reaction. This suggestion applies to mixed-grain cereals as well. Keep up the good work!