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Can baby have food allergies and Chrohn's Disease?
Q: My 19-month-old daughter was diagnosed with allergies to milk and soy when she was 7 months old. We were advised to avoid all six major food allergens.

However, now she has been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and not food allergies. Is it possible to be have food allergies and Chrohn's?

Also, we're starting to introduce food allergens again. Is there an order we should do this?
Janet Union, N.J.
A: Yes, Janet, it is possible to have food allergies in addition to Crohn's, especially when they're present in both parents. However, food allergens can also trigger episodes of diarrhea, which can, in turn, further irritate the bowel. Although Crohn's is essentially intestinal, food allergies can also show up as rashes or, as you know, anaphylaxis.

I cannot advise you about particular foods because I don't know your daughter's specific medical history. An allergist or a pediatric nutritionist should do this, and either can closely monitor any reactions to your daughter's diet.