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Your Baby's Physical Development: 4 To 6 Months
Babies make huge strides in their physical development at this stage; the most striking of which is mobility. Your baby will be able to move slowly a few feet at a time. Place him down on his stomach, and he'll make every effort to creep on the ground, propelling himself with his legs while steering with his hands. At first, this worm-like creeping will take him backwards, away from his goal, but after much frustration he will finally go forward. Most babies can also get around by rolling over in both directions and by hurling themselves forward from a crouched stance, landing with a belly-flop a few inches away.

Sitting Up

Another skill that will occupy much of your baby's attention is his ability to sit. At first, he'll sit for a few minutes with a slouched back, with much of his weight resting on hands braced to the floor. By six months, his back will be much stronger and straighter. His head will be held completely steady, but he'll probably still need his arms for balance.

You may need to help him into a sitting position, although he can probably roll himself to almost sitting by bending at the waist as he whirls on the ground.


As your baby's leg muscles mature, he'll enjoy standing with all of his weight on his feet--with your support. This position gives him a new vantage point from which to view his familiar surroundings.

Reach And Grasp

Now you can introduce your baby to toys that are easy to grasp because he's ready to pick them up directly. He'll also reach quickly and smoothly--no more jerky motions--for other objects placed in his view. For the first time, your baby may also be able to hold his bottle by himself.

Growth And Appearance

Your baby will continue growing at the same rate that he has up until now, probably gaining one and a half to two pounds and growing between one and one and a half inches each month. His head also increases about one half inch in diameter each month.