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Nutrition & Feeding

Nut-Free Lunches Your Kid Will Love

Mini mac-and-cheese muffins, DIY bentos, and more tasty nut-free lunches they'll actually eat


The rise of kids' allergies means that many schools are nut-free zones. If you're panicking about what to pack your PB&J-loving kid (or need new ideas for your kiddo with allergies), these delish and easy nut-free lunches are the answer.

1. Avocado Pasta Salad

Who says lunch has to be in between two slices of bread? Switch up the usual brown bag choice for a healthier option with this avocado pasta salad. Use rubber cupcake liners to separate the pasta from a good-for-you dessert.

2. Mini Pizzas

This easy hack of nearly every kid's favorite food starts with a mini English muffin (or trying subbing in-oh, yes-a waffle!) for the crust and build a pizza from there. Keep warm in a thermos or eat at room temperature.

3. Mini Frittatas

Make eggs more exciting and super-portable with these spinach, corn, meat, and cheese mini-frittatas that can be heated up at school or kept warm in a thermos. Make a big batch to do double duty as a grown-up work lunch, too.

4. DIY Bento

Perfect for picky eaters who don't want their strawberries touching their carrot sticks, a bento-style container keeps all foods separated. It's super-easy to throw together in a rush, but if you have five extra minutes, use a cookie cutter to cut bread and cheese into shapes. (Save the extra cheese bits for weekend grilled cheese).

5. Mac & Cheese Muffins

Mac and cheese muffins (omit the peas if they're a deal-breaker) are great warm or at room temperature. Use silicone cupcake liners to keep veggies in place.

6. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are easy to make ahead and pack a ton of protein. Serve with chips and salsa for a crispy, super-yummy side.

7. Tortilla Hot Dog Wraps

Also known as "pigs in a poncho," these hot dogs wrapped in a tortilla are pretty much guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Add fillings or condiments (these have cheese and onion inside) and fry in a pan with oil until browned.