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Life with Baby

7 Surprising Ways You Can Save Money on Baby Clothes and Food

There's more that you can do than just clip coupons

You already know about cloth diapers and using your blender to make your own baby food. But have you thought about these super simple strategies, too?


1. Buy unisex. If you have any intention of having another child, this is an easy way to get the most bang for your buck. With all the duckies, monkeys, and other themes and color schemes that are gender neutral, this is a no-brainer for those who want bigger families.

2. Buy the real size. It might be tempting to buy that 2T coat that's on sale now, but your baby's growth can be harder to predict than you might expect. That coat may end up gathering dust when your baby skips right ahead to size 3T...and your window to return it will be already be closed.

3. Buy clothing used. Given how quickly children outgrow things, you can score some barely-used baby apparel at a fraction of the cost via some sites and Facebook groups. Bonus: You can usually sell your kiddo's items-and maybe even your own!

4. Buy smaller diapers. Typically, the larger the size, the fewer the diapers in each package. Keep them in those 2's as long as you can manage!


5. Buy just one or two bottles at first. Babies are notorious for not taking bottles, so skip the full set of bottles until you know your baby will cooperate. Buy one at a time and test.

6. Ask about formula Almost every new parent gets a case full of formula sent to their door, but with so many moms choosing to breastfeed, a lot of free formula goes unused. If you are using formula, ask around. You could set yourself up with a couple month's worth!

7. Prep-and-freeze your baby food. After you've bought and pureed your veggies and fruits into homemade baby food, freeze it in small portions by using an ice cube tray. Then cover tray with parchment paper and plastic wrap to protect the goods.