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Life with Baby

10 Things You Can Do with a Baby Strapped to Your Body

When your baby is snug-as-a-bug on your chest, you can get a lot done

The sling, carrier, or wrap is often a parent's saving grace because you get to be hands-free while you comfort or watch over your child. Get into your multitasking mom mode with these suggestions of how to make the most of your wrap time.

1. Meal prep. Whether it's every Sunday evening or randomly throughout the week, a little meal prep can go a long way. Chop, dice, brown, and measure your upcoming ingredients (or just pick out some recipes and make a grocery list!) so that dinnertime doesn't turn into takeout time.

2. Give your email some attention. Fire off a thank you note, register for that mommy-and-me class, or unsubscribe from outdated mailing lists. You can knock out at least 10 or 15 minutes of digital to-dos or finally write back to that friend who sent you a note over a week ago.

3. Put on makeup. When you're spending 99 percent of your day at home with your baby, your pre-kids beauty regimen pretty much goes out the window. But here's the thing-throwing on some blush and curling your eyelashes can go a long way in making you feel like your old self.

4. Vacuum. There are lots of cleaning activities you can't do with a baby strapped to you-bleaching the tub, for instance-but vacuuming is totally kosher because you're upright and the noise emitted works like a sound machine.

5. Exercise. Squats, leg lifts, lunges, and more can all be executed while your baby is dreaming the day away-and staying asleep, thanks to the constant motion. Just don't get so caught up in your workout that you lose your balance; make sure you always focus on your footing and that your kiddo is totally secure the whole time.

6. Chat on the phone. Whether you're calling your mom more than ever or want to catch up with a friend, your conversational chatter can actually help lull your baby to sleep.

7. Youtube it. From finally learning how to fold a fitted sheet to Googling "how to do the stanky leg" (we won't tell), there is an absurd amount of miscellaneous things no mom really has time for...except when she needs a break from all the routine to-dos. It might just be the most productive you'll feel all day!

8. Grocery shop. Remember when that baby was inside of you for nine-plus months? Well, they grew accustomed to your movements, so take advantage and use their snooze time to undertake the biggest task of them all: grocery shopping. Checking this off your list while your child is asleep is far easier (and faster!) than when he is awake.

9. Take a nap. Sneaking in a snooze might not seem like a "task," but a sleep-deprived parent is far less successful at tackling to-dos. Here's the catch: You need to sleep sitting up or reclined for safety reasons.

10. Be the boss you are. Being a mom means that you're CEO of your household and, like all higher-ups in any job, this means you get to kick back without anyone questioning you. With your biggest to-do literally wrapped up, now's a great time to have a cuppa joe and read a magazine or pour yourself a glass of red and do nothing but sip slowly.