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  1. 1) Any reuse of a story, photo or video (“Content”) submitted via the Overjoyed is subject to review and approval by the Law Dept. in accordance with the review process associated with the medium of the proposed reuse.
  2. 2) Protected trade marks/trade dress must be removed from a photograph or video prior to re-use.
  3. 3) Copyrighted music and television and film clips must be removed from the video prior to re-use.
  4. 4) Third-party retailers (i.e. not Fisher-Price or Mattel) and promotional partners (i.e. Zoos, Royal Caribbean, etc.) are only permitted to re-use story content. if such re-use is within the scope of the Terms and Conditions (User Agreement). The idea from story content may be reused but the text itself will be subject to copyright and must not be used except with permission from Mattel.
  5. 5) Content will not be approved for reuse if it meets any of the following criteria:
    For All types of Content:
    • Content is obviously infringing (obviously invades publicity rights or privacy or obviously infringes upon any third party’s personal or intellectual property rights)
      • e.g. Content includes popular music or a celebrity image
    • Content is discriminatory (includes disparaging remarks about other people or companies)
    • Content includes personal identifying information (full names, phone numbers, physical addresses)
    • Content includes information that may lead to identity theft (credit card information, bank account numbers)
    • Content depicts an injury that has occurred to a person or animal or that significant property loss has occurred due to a product error.
    • Content is generally inappropriate (sexually explicit, unnecessarily violent or derogatory, portrays or encourages behavior inappropriate for children, suggests an inappropriate, unlawful or dangerous use of a Fisher-Price product, obscene, etc.)
      • Examples of inappropriate, unlawful or dangerous use of a Fisher-Price product include:
      • Restraint Straps not being used in a Baby Gear Product.
      • Power Wheels vehicles being driven in the street.
      • A child sleeping in a Jumperoo.
      • Bouncer/Swing place on any other surface but a floor.
      • Child obviously fails to meet products specifications. (e.g. a 5-year old sitting in an infant swing)
    • Content that is contrary to government guidelines regarding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).