Sweet Dreams, Baby

The Soothing Motions™ Bassinet is loaded with calming features to help soothe your baby to sleep as they grow from newborn to toddler. 

- Gentle sway motion generated by you or your baby

- Customizable with light projection, calming vibrations, and soft music & sounds

- Removable control unit becomes tabletop soother as baby grows

- Mesh sides, washable sheet, and convenient storage area



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With Smart Connect™ Technology

Customize and control all the soothing features of the bassinet – without disturbing your baby – with the convenient Smart Connect™ app! Adjust the music and sounds, lights, and calming vibrations right from your smart device.


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The Soothing Motions™ Bassinet from Fisher-Price® is customizable to calm your baby and help them sleep. Learn more and explore styles to add to your registry!