Let's remember what it was like to be little.
When everything in the world could be something to play with and all it took was a little imagination to make something really fun happen. Let’s get down on the floor, sing at trees, spend less time growing up and a little more time growing down.

Let’s be kids.
Fisher-Price mission state logo

 Look, new toys!

  • Linkimals™

    Ya know what they say – five talking, singing, light-up animal friends are better than one!

  • Wonder Makers™

    It’s a house. No, wait, it’s a tree house. Actually, it’s a school…for bears…with a slide.

  • Pretend Play

    Let’s invite bears to campfires, play with dust bunnies and open a barber shop in our kitchen.

  • Rescue Heroes®

    The world needs more heroes (especially ones with cool vehicles and awesome tools).