• Egg Carton Dragon 

    This is Doug. His favorite food is eggs.

  • Jungle Gym

    It’s a jungle gym out there.

  • Toilet Paper Binoculars

    These binoculars will let you see as far as the eye can see.

  • Cape

    This cape will give you many superpowers, including flight, invisibility, and the ability to dry your hair.
  • Puppets

    The best friends come from the most unlikely places. Like junk drawers. And pantries.
  • Hat

    This season’s hottest looks are really making headlines.

  • Car

    Comes in a 2 door, a 4 door, or an 18-wheeler if you get the refrigerator box out of the garage

  • Drum Set

    The only drum set you can also make soup in.

Crafts with small parts are not for use by children under 3