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Online Store Closures
Are all Mattel-owned websites affected?
No. You will still be able to purchase Barbie® Signature items directly from

If I purchased prior to 8/16/2018, will my order still be sent?
Yes, all orders placed on or prior to 8/16/2018 will be shipped as initially scheduled.

I have a Mattel Vault membership; will it still be valid? Will I get a refund for my membership?
Unfortunately, the Mattel Vault membership has been discontinued as of 8/17/2018. If your membership is still active after 8/17/2018, please contact customer service for more info.

I purchased a Gift Card at Costco. Can I still use it?
If you have unused Mattel gift cards, they can still be redeemed on Barbie® Signature** items after 8/16/2018. Should you prefer a refund on your remaining balance, please contact customer service.

I have a VIP or Birthday promo code; how do I use it?
The VIP promo code expired on 8/16/2018 with our shift into a digital product catalog. The promo cannot be redeemed after this date.

Can I still sign up for email updates from Mattel brands and Fisher-Price?
Absolutely. We will continue to send email newsletters to our consumers on brand news, events and products. If you haven’t already, sign up for our email newsletter here.

My order was canceled. How can I still purchase this item?
If the order contains Barbie® Signature** items, you can still place a new order on these items on our sites (subject to availability) or contact customer service for further assistance. For all other items, we encourage you to place a new order with one of our retail partners that are listed on the product page (subject to availability). All you need to do is click FIND AT RETAIL to see which retailer has the item in stock.

How do I find a local retailer for the product I’m searching for?
Simply go to the product page, click FIND AT RETAIL and scroll down to FIND STORES NEARBY. Enter your city or ZIP Code, and it will return results with stores that carry this item. To confirm availability, we recommend you call the store ahead of time and verify stock before making your visit.

My local retailers don’t offer the bundles or gift sets you offered. How can I purchase a gift set?
Some of our retailers also offer gift sets, although they may include different items. We suggest you visit retailer sites to check out what they may offer individually and as gift sets.

**Barbie® Signature items will still be available here:
How do I contact Customer Service?
Please see our Contact Us page
General Technical Issues
How can I get additional feedback on my technical problem?
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