Where great minds think like kids.

The Fisher-Price® Play Lab is where our experts meet with the real experts: kids. They come to test out our toys and gear, and we learn a thing or two about play, along with what they like and don’t like (and their parents, too!). It’s how we know how big a dinosaur’s mouth really is, that orange is superior to purple, and that pianos are just as fun to play with your toes.

Play Lab by Numbers

  • More than 2,800 kids of all ages participate in research each year.

  • We’ve been researching (& learning from) kids for 60 years.

  • Over the years, we’ve had 135,250 kids visit the Play Lab!

  • Each year, an average of 450 toy and gear ideas are tested.

  • Annually, 1,850 parents take part in on-site and in-home testing.

  • The Child Research Center (aka, the “Play Lab”) opened in 1961.

Designed for Kids, with Kids

  • Bring in the (Real) Experts: Kids

    Before a toy sits on shelf, or our gear sits in your living room, it begins its journey as a prototype, an un-painted model, an idea in the making. It comes to the Play Lab with its designers, engineers, and our researchers, who are all there for the big moment: the first time a kid picks it up or a baby interacts with it. 


  • Take Note

    Is it too hard to turn? Did that sound right? How’s the speed? Why did they like the purple button best? Notes are taken, ideas are flipped upside down and inside out and back to the drawing board it goes, again and again until the real experts approve.

  • What We See is What You Get

    We see what works and what doesn’t, and then we turn it into details that matter. Things like making sure big pianos keys are easy for little feet (and hands) to press, or that when kids see red, they hear “RED!” All things that make the play happen naturally, add more years to the fun and make it more rewarding—for you and them. 

  • Keep It Comin’ 

    Kids aren’t the only ones we learn a thing or two from. From holding regular, informal gatherings of parents on campus, to conducting in-home tests, we’re constantly checking in with parents to gain a better understanding of what works best for them, their kids and their homes.

Meet Our Experts

Our dedicated team of early childhood development experts all hold advanced degrees and areas of specialty. They’re our go-to team for learning more about what kids want and what they need most.

Collaborative Specialists

We also partner with a diverse group of specialists who bring additional brain power and expertise to our Play Lab table.

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