Celebrating 90 Years of Fisher-Price®

Explore the history of Fisher-Price® with a trip down playtime memory lane. See how some of your favorite toys and baby gear have evolved over the past 90 years!

Play Through the Years

Celebrate our 90th birthday by taking a look back at our most popular toys through the years. See any of your favorites?


Fisher-Price® was born

Once upon a time, there was a man named Herman Fisher. He believed the world needed toys that “appeal to the imagination, that do something new and surprising and funny.” Irving Price and Helen Schelle agreed. So, they joined forces and the rest is our history.


Walk Like a Duck

First quack at toys. Doctor Doodle and Granny Doodle were among the first toys to walk out of Fisher-Price, known as the 16 Hopefuls.


Hot Dog!

Moving feet, a spring tail, hours of fun - meet Snoopy Sniffer. This pup stuck around for 44 years, with more than 5 million toys sold.  


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Helping Hands

To support the troops during WWII, Fisher-Price® manufactured aircraft parts, ship fenders and medical supply crates—instead of toys.



Buzzy Bee, famous for its plastic wing in a wooden toy, created quite a buzz in the toy industry around the use of plastic and all the possibilities it offered. 





Looky here- it's Little People

First came the Safety School Bus, then came the figures. Originally called Fisher-Price Play Family, that changed in the 1980s after parents went to stores asking for "Fisher-Price little people".


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Get Rockin™

The colored stacking rings were introduced in 1960, and since then more than 52 million Rock-a-Stacks® have been sold.


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Kid Tested

Following years of testing new toy ideas with kids, Fisher-Price officially opened The Play Laboratory - a first in the toy industry.





Call Me Baby!

The Chatter Telephone® starts taking calls. It was originally named the “Talk Back Telephone” but that changed after parents expressed concern over kids talking back to them.


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Welcome To The Farm

The classic barn opened its doors in 1968 and is still in the Fisher-Price toy line today (with some renovations along the way). Featured in the 2019 Let's be Kids brand campaign, it was the perfect place to invite adults back to the world of childhood.


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Turning the table on electronics

The innovative Fisher-Price Phonograph was made just for kids - and was just what the company needed to keep up with major industry changes.



Baby's Got Gear

Fisher-Price welcomes a new arrival - a baby gear line.


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Jump On In!

The Jumperoo® activity center bounces onto store shelves bringing a safe way for babies to enjoy jumping fun.


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Here's Puppy

Laugh & Learn® toys help babies learn basic concepts with fun themes. Puppy soon becomes an icon in over 130 countries and 37 languages.


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Imagine That!

Remote controlled dinosaurs join the Imaginext™ pack of toys.


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Peep Our New Friends

Thomas & Friends arrives in town when HIT Entertainment™ joins the Fisher-Price brand familyl


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Time For An Upgrade

Laugh & Learn toys gain Smart Stages™ technology, letting parents choose the level of play appropriate for their child.


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All The Right Moves!

With the introduction of Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo™ toy, Fisher-Price creates a futuristic friend that dances with preschoolers and records phrases that he remixes into his favorite song.


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Cracked The Code

How do you introduce coding to preschoolers? A caterpiller, of course. Think & Learn Code-a-pillar™ toy takes thinking skills to a new level.


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A New Crew In Town

The Linkimals™ toys arrive to prove that playing and singing is more fun together.


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The new Fisher-Price brand campaign invites everyone back into the world of childhood. Also something else is different. Our logo and look get an update.




During the global COVID-19 pandemic, Fisher-Price design teams step up to make face masks to help meet high demand. The special edition #ThankYouHeroes Collection was also released. All net proceeds were donated to #FirstRespondersFirst, a fund dedicated to providing essential supplies, equipment and resources for protecting frontline healthcare workers and their families.