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Fun Facts about Fisher-Price

Home Sweet Home

Fisher-Price has been founded in 1930 in East Aurora by Herman G. Fisher, Irving L. Price and Helen M. Schelle. 90 years later the company Head Quarters are still there.

Stronger than the Magnificient Seven

The first line of toys produced by Fisher-Price in 1930 was called the “16 Hopefuls”. Because hope was needed to grow a company after the 1929 crisis.

Art is born out of constraint

Fisher-Price innovated after World War II, using for the first time pieces of plastic for the Buzzy Bee wings. Veterans returning home were in high need of woods for their housing.

Popcorn time!

In 1957, Fisher-Price was growing so fast they rented space at local dairy farms, but when one burned down the whole town became covered in Corn Poppers!

Oh, come on! You don't have the last chatter 15X?

Once, the Chatter Telephone was the most sold telephone: 27 millions in the world.


One small step for baby, one giant leap for babykind

The Fisher-Price Jumperoo helps babys stand, jump and explore and has had enough bounces to jump to the moon & back over 50 times.

Client is King

Originally called “Play Family”, the “Little People” toy collection was renamed after parents came into stores asking for the “little people”.


Forget the robots and the AI, Rock-a-Stack will be the Fisher-Price high tech toy in 2021 as it will be 100% recyclable thanks to sugar cane.

Little Huge People

During the global COVID pandemic, Fisher-Price released a special edition line of collectible action figures and Little People Community Champions called the #ThankYouHeroes where all net proceeds go to charities supporting COVID efforts.