How it Began

Once upon a time (back in 1930), Herm Fisher thought the world needed better toys. Toys that “appeal to the imagination, that do something new and surprising and funny.” So he joined forces with Irving Price and Helen Schelle. Their first line of toys was called the “16 hopefuls,” and included a couple of darling ducks.

Since then, we’ve introduced what’s now known as baby gear – all the stuff that makes baby showers worth having and helps babies (and parents) relax and enjoy those early months.

We also remember what started it all – what would make Fisher, Price, and Schelle smile. Because toys change, baby gear grows, and technology transforms, but one thing stays the same – kids just wanna have fun. 

The Play Lab

Behind everything we make is our Play Lab. Since 1961, we’ve been inviting kids to come play. To make all the noise, press all the buttons, dump all the blocks, and knock down the “bad guys.” And as they do, our childhood research experts, designers and engineers witness these brilliant young minds at work, taking what they learn and putting it into details  that make each interaction with our gear and toys as rewarding and F-U-N as possible!

Let's be kids

Let’s remember what it was like to be little. When everything in the world could be something to play with and all it took was a little imagination to make something really fun happen. Let’s get down on the floor, sing at trees, spend less time growing up and a little more time growing down.