5+ Years

5+ Years

From Power Wheels® vehicles to learning toys that help them get ready for school, find the kind of play that’ll keep up as they grow up!

  • Big Kids. Even Bigger Fun.

    Making friends, forming ideas, even following rules—just in time for school! For these active bodies and minds, keep the creativity flowin’ and problem-solving skills going. The sky’s the limit and the open road ahead is all theirs!

  • Developmental Milestones


    Physical coordination can handle more complex actions | Begins to practice independent routines


    Solves problems & explains things | Starts analyzing risks & the consequences of actions

    Social & Emotional

    Develops stronger friendships | Resolves conflict without adult intervention | Self-motivation and confidence increases

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    From Power Wheels® ride-on vehicles to learning toys that help prepare them for school, find fun Fisher-Price® preschool toys for your 5 year old and beyond.