3+ Years

3+ Years

Discover a whole world of imagination, from super cool figures that let kiddos create their own adventures to playsets that inspire them to build a town of their own.

  • That’s Some Story!

    Imaginations are keeping things interesting and taking pretend play to the next level! The questions keep coming all the time, and as their independence continues to grow, so do their big-kid thinking skills!

  • Developmental Milestones


    Learning to swim, skate, dance, ski and bounce on a trampoline | Draws a person with at least 3 parts | Shows Righty or Lefty preference


    Starts to compare and contrast themselves to others | Has a longer attention span for new activities | Begins to grasp time

    Social & Emotional

    Likes to pretend to be someone else | Begins to grasp that people have different feelings | Enjoys making & impressing friends

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    Discover new worlds of imagination with Fisher-Price® figures and playsets that let kids build towns and adventures of their own. Shop toys for 3 year olds!