12-18 Months

12-18 Months

Now entering toddler mode, where exciting hands-on play with figures, playsets and more help develop big skills! 

  • On the Move!

    Finding their groove and their voice all at once is a pretty big deal! The more they practice, the more they’ll begin building confidence in those babbles that now form words and those toddling toes that are making great strides!

  • Developmental Milestones


    Become a confident walker (& dancer) | Kick a ball | Throws object forward/overhand


    Getting better at entertaining themselves | Exploring with purpose | Imitates household routines

    Social & Emotional

    Showing affection with hugs, kisses smiles & oh-so-sweet pats | Has toy preferences | Takes pride in accomplishments | Watches & copies others

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    Baby’s on the move! Find figures, playsets and musical toys from Fisher-Price® for toddlers ages 12 to 18 months. Shop first birthday gifts and more!