We knew you’d find your way back. If it’s been a while since you last visited, you should know not much has changed. The animals still talk (and sing and sometimes dance), the floor is still lava, and playtime is still all the time. Now, since you’re a little taller than the last time you were here, we do have one important question we have to ask before we can let you in: What’s your favorite colour? 

Let's Be Kids

 Look, new toys!

  • Little People® 1-2-3 Babies Playdate™


    One day you’re a baby, and the next day you’re a toddler taking care of three babies.

  • Walk, Bounce & Ride Pony


    Clear a trail in the kitchen, there’s a rootin-tootin-scootin new walker in town.  

  • Laugh & Learn® Grow-the-Fun Garden to Kitchen 

    It doesn’t get much more “locally-grown” and “freshly prepared” than your living room.

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