GeoAir™ High-Flyin’ Airport™

Âge: 2-7 years
  • Produit : N0142

Here’s a whole new way to play with GeoTrax®—in the air! Just clip Jumbo the RC toy airplane onto the durable GeoAir™ track (it attaches to the tower and runway to form a figure 8) and take to the skies! The airport below is also filled with high-flyin’ fun, including a kid-activated elevator, three bays for the airplane to fuel up, fix up or board the pilot, and a security gate and drop-off platform. It’ll be an adventure fueled by imagination, with a little help from Jumbo and Captain Jim, the “BIGGEST” team in GeoTown™! The GeoAir High-Flyin’ Airport includes main tower with working elevator, RC toy airplane, pilot figure, three landing bays for the plane, security gate and drop-off platform. Requires 6 AAA batteries.