Brilliant Basics™ Musical Tummy Fun™ Playmat

Âge: Birth-18 months
  • Produit : V9198

Tummy time is an important part of baby’s early development. You can help make it fun time with a comfy mat, playful animal friends, lively music and sounds! Baby gets a boost from the bolster, and can enjoy looking in the mirror, grasping at toys, or batting the roller to start fun music. Move the toys around when it’s time to sit and play, or take the activity wedge along for on-the-go fun! Requires 2 AA batteries.

Tummy Time Tips

• The first few months are an important time for babies to become aware of their bodies and begin to learn movement. Making tummy time part of baby’s daily routine will promote physical development, coordination, strength and balance.
• Begin tummy-time play with just a few minutes at first, so your baby can get used to the new position. Choose a time of day when baby is alert, cheerful and in the mood to play!