Why You Should Register for Baby #2, and What I Asked For

By Traci Suppa

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Honestly, I felt sheepish about registering for baby gifts before I had my second child. But my mom wanted to throw me a small shower -- or a Sprinkle as some like to call it the second time around -- since it had been six years since I had my first. Once I began choosing items for my registry, I realized how much we needed. With experience, we knew which items would go unused.

I advise anyone having a second baby to set up a registry, and not to feel guilty about it. There are plenty of things you may not already have and friends and family might be looking for suggestions. Such as:

Gender-specific clothing and accessories. Unless your first child’s wardrobe was completely beige, you’ll need to stock up if your second is the opposite gender. I’m the Type A mom who needed to know the baby’s sex as soon as possible. I was thrilled to find out I was having a girl the second time. The plunge into pinkdom included clothing, bibs, washcloths and towels, outerwear, blankets, toys, and room décor.

Diapers and wipes. They’re not the most exciting gifts, but they’re useful. Considering how pricey they can be, I was thankful to receive diapers and wipes in bulk. I didn’t bother registering for the newborn size; I went straight to Size One for 8lb+ weights.

Bigger, better, faster models. There will always be newer versions of familiar products, which have more bells and whistles, so here’s your chance to upgrade! While we didn’t see the need to move up to a baby monitor with a video screen, we did choose a model with a longer range, and less static. We also discovered new products, like a motorized swing with a plug.

Seasonal clothes. Even though we had a girl after having a boy, they were both born in the spring, so many of their lightweight unisex clothes and sleepwear worked for both. If your first baby is born in the summer, and the second in the winter, the 0-3 month outfits you have on hand will likely not suit your needs.

Baby albums and frames. I refused to let my daughter be the one without any baby pictures because she was the second! I requested a pink baby book, album, and photo storage boxes to ensure that I didn’t neglect my duty to document her first year and beyond.

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