The Pre-Baby Workout...For Dads

By Julian Haber

Shared by Crystal
I’ll admit it. Before baby came, I was looking a little tubby. Maybe it was because of the "sympathy eating” I was doing alongside the blossoming Mother-to-be, but just a few weeks left before my baby came, I had to put down the chicken wings and get my Dad game on!

If your household is anything like mine, your duties as a new Dad will include the following:
  • Carrying all the groceries into the house (and probably shopping for them too!)
  • Food prep & clean up
  • Hoisting the car seat in and out of the car and anywhere you go
  • Strapping your child to your chest with a baby carrier
What does this all mean? If you've been spending a lot of nights at home watching movies and being cozy with your Mama-to-be, it means you may have a few muscle groups that need building up to make sure that come show time, you won't put yourself into traction the first time you lift your child up over your head.

Here are a few simple exercises that got me into shape just in time for our baby's arrival:

3 x 10 push-ups
3 x 10 pull-ups (I hit up the park for free gym equipment. My inner child loved being on the monkey bars again.)

Work your triceps. All I used was a step or the floor. Bend down so you’re in a squatting position, and put your arms behind your back up on the step or on the floor behind you. Lift your core up and down. Keep your body as straight and flat as you can. Feel the burn!

Work your upper body. I started with my empty infant car seat and put a 10-pound bag of potatoes in it and started lifting it – I aimed for 3 x 10 sets. This made carrying my baby a breeze.

Three times a week:
Get some cardio in. Thirty minutes on a bike or a 45 minute walk.

Don't forget diet
I was sure to eat lots of healthy dark green veggies (e.g., kale), fresh produce, healthy lean meats and eggs, as well as nuts and fresh berries. And I stay hydrated with plenty of water (Or if you can, try 100% natural coconut water. The not from concentrate kind is great too!).

And try to get as much sleep as possible while you can. I learned that this was key to leading a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Julian Haber is a writer and photographer living in Montréal, Québec with his wife and four (and a half!) year-old daughter, who teaches him something new every day. When he's not working on an assignment or photographing corporate events, he's at home cooking with his mini sous chef, reading stories and playing made-up games with his daughter. Which, somehow, he always loses.
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