Why I Post Pics of My Kids on Social Media

By Donald Deane

Shared by Angelica
I've never shied away from posting baby photos on Facebook. As my friends there can attest, I freely share everything from birthday to holiday to vacation pics. But if you think that's bad, my wife is an even bigger offender, sometimes sharing kid photos several times a day. Does that make us obnoxiously proud parents? Maybe, but our kids are THAT cute and we've got the pics to prove it.

As far as I'm concerned, social media sites have become the digital, modern-day equivalent of a wallet overstuffed with kid photos. Because of that, I don't hesitate to share the cuteness overload that is my children. Here are my ‘ins and out’ of social media.

Staying in touch. It probably goes without saying, but social media is the best tool I have to stay in touch with far-flung family and friends. Without it, my cousins in California couldn't have experienced my oldest kid's final, triumphant tee ball game, and I would have no idea that one of them just welcomed a new pet into their home. Not exactly major milestones, granted, but these are the moments that define us as families.

Playing it safe. Of course, some might argue such sharing is potentially dangerous, especially when it comes to online predators, but that doesn't affect my steady stream of kid pics. Plus, I've been careful to tweak my Facebook privacy settings so only friends can see the photos I post. I take other precautionary measures too. If I happen to use a photo of my kids as a profile pic on Facebook, I make certain I wouldn't mind if it gets indexed by Google, which is a common practice. And posting bath time pics is a big no-no in my household, although you can bet the wife and I will use them to embarrass our boys in front of girlfriends later in life.

Building memories. I'm building a historical record, something my wife and I can look back on and treasure as we mark the development of our kids. We have physical family photo albums, of course, but they've just been gathering dust. It's much more likely we'll use this growing virtual scrapbook instead in the years to come.

Now if you don't mind, my oldest just lost one of his pearly whites and I'm planning to spam my friends with a dozen photos of his gap-toothed smile. People really need to see this.

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Donald S. Deane is the proud papa of three little boys who provide endless amounts of joy and sleep deprivation. He has held a variety of jobs, including college English teacher, newspaper reporter/editor, internet project manager, dishwasher and dogcatcher. Don has written for AOL TV, Moviefone, TheFW, ScreenCrush, GuySpeed, and Arcade Sushi, among others.
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