10 Reasons I Love Raising My Boys

By Donald Deane

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Sure, my wife and I wanted a girl, but after having three beautiful baby boys, it became clear it just wasn't in the cards. Still, it's hard to be too disappointed because, if there's one thing I've learned over time as a dad, boys are an absolute blast.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that girls are less awesome than boys — I’m sure most of these apply just as well to little girls. But three rambunctious, perpetually sweaty little men are what I've got to work with. And I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. Here’s why.

1) Boys are an unlimited power source
Boys have unlimited energy, but you can't fully appreciate how unstoppable they are until you raise one (or several) of your own. I've personally seen my sons forgo the basic necessities of life just so they can maintain a continual state of forward momentum.

2) You can teach them to love the same things you do
I'm an unabashed fan of movies, music, TV, and video games, so I didn't hesitate to share my love of pop culture with my boys. My oldest son, in fact, could rattle off a dozen superheroes before he was old enough to write his own name. If that isn't responsible parenting, I don't know what is.

3) Toys, toys, toys
Finding toys for my sons is easy — I simply buy stuff I'd like to play with myself. Even better, I now have the unique opportunity to lavish them with toys I wanted as a kid. Prepare yourselves, boys, because an expensive play set I've coveted ever since I was 12 years old is on your Christmas list this year, whether you want it or not.

4) Boys love getting dirty
Take a fresh-scrubbed boy and put them outside and they'll be covered head-to-toe in dirt within seconds. Gotta love their single-minded dedication to getting filthy, even if means you'll spend a fortune on wipes.

5) Boys think bodily functions are the funniest thing in the world
Boys are a constant reminder that bodily functions are pretty darned funny. Forget about sophisticated comedy. If you want to earn a laugh from a boy, just let loose a loud burp and they'll hail you as the greatest comedian ever.

6) Boys are cuddle monsters (once they stop moving)
Although boys have a reputation for being nonstop balls of kinetic energy, they can be sweet once they decide to stop moving. My middle child, who's still a toddler, currently won't let me leave his room at bedtime without paying a toll of at least six kisses.

7) Boys love to roughhouse
If you want to show a boy a good time, just hold him upside down. It's an indisputable fact that boys love to roughhouse, but there's a downside to this as well. Let's put it this way — my glasses are held together with tape and my ribs hurt to touch.

8) Boys have great imaginations
No doubt this is equally true for girls, but I’ve seen my boys play for hours with nothing more than sticks found on the lawn.

9) Boys love things that go
It sounds like a stereotype, but boys are totally hard-wired from birth to love things that go, like planes, trains, and automobiles. And because of this, I've started to see relatively mundane, everyday things in a totally new light.

10) Boys are a chance to raise a better version of yourself
It may sound corny, but as a dad, boys give me the chance to raise a superior version of myself. I've done my very best to teach them the value of honesty, hard work, and treating people fairly. Hopefully, they'll take these lessons and achieve more than I ever could. Aside from fun and games, that's what it’s all about.

Donald S. Deane is the proud papa of three little boys who provide endless amounts of joy and sleep deprivation. He has held a variety of jobs, including college English teacher, newspaper reporter/editor, internet project manager, dishwasher and dogcatcher. Don has written for AOL TV, Moviefone, TheFW, ScreenCrush, GuySpeed, and Arcade Sushi, among others.

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