How your 2-month-old might play now

    • He may smile at people and coo when spoken to
    • She shows excitement by waving her arms and legs
    • He's able to learn that one event follows another
    • She will turn toward a sound at her side, but she can only locate sounds that are in front of her
    • He can start figuring out how to make things happen
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    Precious Planet™ 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

    Security & Happiness Sensory

Help your baby learn more:

    • Music, please. Extend the benefits offered by a mobile's music by playing music for baby at other times of the day and in different settings.
    • Sing or hum along. You'll find that as you do, your baby becomes more vocal too.
    • What do you see? Try looking at the mobile from baby's point of view. Change its position once in a while, or change your baby's position so she gets a new view.
    • Make the connection. Right from the start, your baby will listen to and respond to your voice. Use this connection to point things out about the mobile—the colors, the movement, the characters that dangle from it.
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    Ocean Wonders™ Soothe & Glow Seahorse™

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    Discover ’n Grow™ Select-a-Show Soother™

    Security & Happiness Sensory

Help your baby learn more:

    • Calm down. Help your baby learn to self-regulate—to stop crying and calm down. A soother with gentle sounds, music and sights helps baby understand when it's time to wind down and go to sleep.
    • See that? Point out the motion and lights to help baby focus on them.
    • So peaceful. Switch through the sound settings until you find one that's especially soothing to you and baby, then take a few minutes for yourself: listening to the soothing sounds as baby drifts off can be a peaceful time for you, too.
Infant play gyms
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    Ocean Wonders™ Kick & Crawl Gym

    Curiosity & Discovery Gross Motor Sensory

Help your baby learn more:

    • What do you see? Get down at floor level to get baby’s view of overhead toys. This will help you know where to position her for the best vantage point. Change your baby's position every once in a while to freshen the view.
    • Play together to encourage communication and add fun to playtime. Pick a time when baby is in an active play mode, not sleepy or hungry or overly stimulated. You'll be able to tell; if the toy looks too busy for him at the moment, he'll close his eyes.
    • Talk about it. To help your baby learn there's a connection between words and actions, move the parts and talk about them as you go: "Shake-shake-shake. See the silly little face smiling at you?"
    • Hum or sing along to the music on the gym and point out light-up features. The more you talk to your baby and directly engage him, the more you're benefiting his development.
Playard toys
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    Ocean Wonders™ Soothe & Glow Seahorse™ Pink

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    Link-a-doos™ Kick & Play Piano™

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    Precious Planet™ Kick & Play Piano

    Gross Motor Sensory

Help your baby learn more:

    • Colors and high-contrast patterns are a great way to stimulate your baby's visual sense. Point out the colors and name the animals; even though your baby won't understand the meaning yet, she’ll learn that she can switch her focus, too.
    • Did you hear that? If a toy plays sounds, take advantage of this opportunity to stimulate your baby's sense of hearing. Take baby's hands in yours and gently clap them together to the music. Make expressive faces as you playfully sing along or imitate the sounds.

Baby Massage

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Your baby begins to respond to touch immediately after birth. The first welcome your baby receives is the tactile comfort of your touch as you hold him. Provide your baby with a Baby Massage so he can delight in the pleasure of your soothing hands.


  • Blanket or towel
  • Baby lotion


  • Spread a blanket or a towel on a soft carpet.
  • Place your naked baby on the blanket, on his tummy.
  • Pour a little baby oil into your hands and rub your hands together to warm up the oil.
  • Gently massage your baby from his neck to his shoulders, down his arms to his hands, down his back to his buttocks, down his legs, and to his feet. Use a gentle touch, not too firm and not too light.
  • Turn your baby over on his back and repeat, using more oil.


Use a soft touch so you don't cause any rug burns! Be sure your baby isn't allergic to the oils or lotions you use. Avoid touching your baby's face so the oils don't get into your baby's eyes.

Learning Skills

  • Body awareness
  • Enhanced sense of touch
  • Social interaction
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