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Write it Down—Free Your Mind
Master List:
To relieve yourself of the stress of remembering everything, write down whatever you need to do the next day, in the coming week, the next month – even the next year. When you receive a request by phone or mail, add it to the list. Review the list regularly in case you need to move tasks to your “to do” list.

To Do List:
Keep a running list of things to be done, but limit it to 10 items. Group them by type and/or location, and try to do like things at one time.

10-Minute List:
This is for chores that take 10 minutes or less. For example: writing a card, straightening a drawer and making a brief phone call.

Home Resource Notebook:
Create a notebook of frequently called and emergency numbers, utility providers and take-out menus. Keep it near the main phone.

Shopping Lists:
Keep a list of grocery items you need posted on the fridge so that family members can add to it. It’s a good idea to also have a running list of non-grocery items you need to buy so you can review it when you’re headed out to run errands.

Dr. Bettye M. Caldwell Ph.D. Professor of Pediatrics in Child Development and Education