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Where can I buy a "Children at Play" sign?
Q: I’m interested in placing something at the end of our driveway when my children are outside that will slow cars down and let them know there are "children at play.” Do you know where I can find such a thing?
Yves Chicago
A: I’m not aware of such a product. However, if you do find such a sign, be mindful that putting it in the driveway may give you a false sense of safety. Because it isn’t an official traffic sign, you can’t count on drivers to heed its warning to slow down. What’s more, drivers might not even notice the sign. Therefore, make a point to teach your children to avoid playing near traffic. Establish boundaries they must play within, and explain why you have established them. Of course, always keep a watchful eye on your children whenever they play in the driveway.
Kathleen Alfano Ph.D., Former Director of Child Research at Fisher-Price®