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My 22-month-old isn't interested in talking
There's a wide range of behaviors and developmental skills that are considered normal at every age. However, it sounds like your daughter's development may be a little delayed. Between 18 and 24 months, most babies say between 25 and 50 words, start to make two-word sentences, repeat words they hear in conversation and follow simple instructions. Most toddlers this age can also point to pictures of familiar objects in books and play with blocks. They also typically enjoy imitating other children and adults and playing make-believe games.

Be sure to talk with your daughter's doctor about your concerns as soon as possible. Her development may be on track or she may have a developmental delay or another developmental condition. She could also have a hearing problem or lead poisoning. Be sure to ask the doctor to do a full history, physical exam and complete developmental screening to assess all of your daughter's skills. Also ask for a screening for autism, a referral for a hearing test and a blood test for lead.

If the doctor has any concerns about your daughter's development, ask for a referral for a comprehensive developmental evaluation by a developmental specialist or team. You can also contact your local Early Intervention Program (usually through the local Regional Center for Developmental Disabilities) to request a full developmental evaluation. If your daughter is found to have a developmental delay, early intervention, including speech therapy and play therapy, can make a big difference in helping her development.

Karen Sokal-Gutierrez M.D., M.P.H. Pediatrician