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Is my 3-year-old too young for the computer?
Dear Tina, you mentioned reading many conflicting reports on children and computers. I have read a few, as well. However, I have found that most of what is reported is favorable. From my many years of experience observing young children play with CD-ROMs on the computer, and from attending seminars on that topic given by early childhood educators from around the world, I am confident your 3-year-old child is not too young to use the computer. There are many wonderful educational and fun CD-ROM programs that will help your child learn exciting things, practice problem solving, think logically, and even engage in social interaction. Many times, when children play on the computer they invite someone over to participate, and that provides a wonderful opportunity for communication and sharing. Of course, time spent on the computer should be balanced with physical, active play and creative, imaginative play, as well as quiet times to read books and put puzzles together.

Kathleen Alfano Ph.D. Director of Child Research at Fisher-Price®