Moms’ First Year Favorites
Moms' Top 10 Must-haves:
What baby gear do hundreds of moms recommend? We asked them on and they told us a lot about the items they just couldn’t live without during baby’s first year.
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What BabyCenter moms* are saying
"I still could not live without our Fisher Price Snugabunny swing-- what a LIFESAVER. As I type this, LO is napping away in it."
"I'm back in the first year with a tiny baby, and if I didn't have my cradle-n-swing, I'd go batty! He loves movement and it's quite the lifesaver."
"Oh and our god send was our Fisher-Price My little Lamb swing especially for a colicy baby"
"The electric swing! I thought it wasnt an essential item but boyyy was I wrong. I would not be able to have a hand free if I didnt go ahead and buy one. my dd loves it!"
"I honestly DO reccommend a swing for any parent, because it will give you a chance to do household chores or just for you to sit back and relax while at the same time the child can enjoy the lullabies."
"Must have items for our little girl that I would NEVER pass up on next time: The swing (what a life saver), the bouncy seat, the pacifier (I stupidly tried to go without), good burp cloths, and my glider that reclines."
"My go-to baby product is the Fisher Price Papasan Starlight cradle swing … swing can go sideways and back and forth, our LO loves it, she stays there while we are having dinner."
"We could not have survived without our Fisher Price Cradle Swing. Our daughter has loved it since we brought her home and at 4 months old, still loves to swing in it."
"I loved my sons little lamb swing as much as he did. It was our sanity saver!"
"My daughter had acid reflux & slept in her Fisher Price My little lamb swing for the first 5 months of her life. The dr said to keep her slightly elevated when she slept so this did the trick."
"A baby swing! So wonderful to have!"
"Hands down the Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing! Could not have survived motherhood if i did not have this. My daughter was 6 weeks prem and always needed to be held and move about. She lived in her swing until about 6 months of age when she got too big and wanted to crawl around everywhere!"
"I absolutely dont know what I would do without the portable ocean wonders swing! My LO LOVES it! Now she is old enough to reach for the fish and make the music play. Such a big girl!"
"Both of my sons LOVE their swings. I'm not 100% sure of the model, but its a Fisher price swing that can swing back & forth or side to side. My oldest, would stay in his swing while I cleaned the house, cooked or just did anything I had to when I couldn't hold him. It was the ONLY thing he would be calm for if I wasn't holding him for the first few months. My youngest prefers the bouncy chair majority of the time, but really likes the swing now that he is older. He loves the animals hanging over him and rocking side to side. My children's swing plugs into the wall, and also runs on batteries , and that's a life saver in lightning storms that makes our power go out often. "
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"Loved: Bouncer chair…which allowed me to shower, an amazing thing as a new mom">"Loved: Bouncer chair…which allowed me to shower, an amazing thing as a new mom"
"The bouncy chair allowed me to get a shower worry free bc I could still watch her and she would quickly fall asleep in it when she would refuse her crib."
"We definitely relied heavily on the infant bouncy seats during the first 6 months. i kept one upstairs in my bathroom and my baby napped there while i showered. i kept another downstairs for him to sleep in while i cooked meals. it was fantastic! "
"(Our bouncer) is my favorite baby item by far! It goes everywhere with us. It is a great place for my little man to nap, play, and feel safe and secure no matter where he is. It's light, small, and portable. Just perfect for our busy family!"
"The bouncer...My LO lived in it for the first few weeks, and now it's the only thing that calms her down... I love it and could not live without it!"
"The bouncer seat is how I shower in a morning, cook meals, and every other activity that I don't want to hold or wear baby for when I am at home. Baby loves it almost as much as she loves being held. I love how easy it is to carry from room to room, but I still may buy a second one for upstairs so that I don't have to try to navigate climbing with it. It is portable, but not THAT portable for a klutz like me!"
"Also the bouncer worked great when we first tried solid food. Since the high chair was to big for him we just put a cloth diaper behind his head to keep the bouncer clean. The angle of the bouncer was perfect for feeding!"
"My LO loved the bouncer - we used it for showers, cooking, cleaning, and just for a minute of peace. If I was folding clothes all I had to do was put him in it and bounce it with my foot while it played music and he was content for at least twenty minutes. Very sad that he is getting too big now :["
"I dont think I could have survived without my bouncer. I loved the convience of how I could bring it room to room, and my son enjoyed being in it."
"My son had reflux so the bouncer was a great place to sit him if he fell asleep after nursing because with the reflux he was suppose to stay upright for 30 min! A challenge with a 4 week old!!"
"The magic look I see in my daughter's eyes when she gets the bird on her bouncer to spin after pulling on a toy. That is the thing I love best about her bouncer...and the thing I think she loves best :)"
"The number 1 baby product I use is my bouncer that they lay on. So many times when he is restless and just want to be in a different position I put him in that and he falls asleep. Then I am able to be hands free. Love it! "
"Could not have survived without bouncer!!!! Hudson had reflux and used it a lot!!! "
"We had the best bouncer for my daughter! She used it from about 3 weeks to 5 1/2 months. It was a great way to entertain her (and give me a break!). She loved to bounce herself and I think her little leg muscles got stronger from that. It was also a great place to put her when we ate dinner."
"The bouncy chair saved my life. She LOVED it."
"My little girl just loved her bouncer. We had one with the vibrator on it... it saved me from having a mountain of dirty dishes and smelling to high heavens. I would definitely recommend one with a vibrator, helps to soothe. And one with music is great for when baby is playful and you need a bathroom break!"
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"My Fisher Price Rock n' Play Sleeper was a life saver! My LO has reflux and it was the only way to get her to sleep and I loved having her in my room just an arm's reach away. It's also great to take on little trips to the in-laws, somewhere for her to sleep that’s off the ground and very safe, but easy to fold up and carry away."
"We loved our rock n play sleeper! That was a lifesaver when she was little. "
"As a second time mom, I’ve tried many different products. This time around my favorite is the Fisher Price Rock N Play! That thing is a lifesaver (or more appropriately, SLEEPsaver)!"
"Couldn’t have lived without fisher price rock n play sleeper but could have done without the swing"
"The Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper was wonderful. We bought it for our third baby and she slept like a dream from week 1."
"Parker love love loved his rock n play sleeper! At first hubby and I bought an expensive bassinet and DS basically refused to sleep in it. The sleeper was a life saver and is now my go to gift for all my new mom friends."
"Couldn’t have lived without her swing and her Fisher Price infant sleeper. Baby had pretty bad reflux and everytime we laid her flat on her back, spit up everywhere and non stop crying. The reclined position of the sleeper was a life saver. In fact, she just grew out of it and my husband and I were panicked about what we would do for sleeping, but now she’s fine in her crib."
"My rock and play sleeper was a god send! So was my carrier because my LO doesn't like his car seat :("
"Loved the fisher price rock n play!! Will be using it again with this baby."
"The reviews online were great so I took the plunge and am so glad that I did!!! I used it for 5 months and now my niece is using it. I have a friend expecting twins and I will be buying her 2 of them and another for my new niece. Best thing ever!!!"
"LO sleeps like a log in her rock and play...trying to transition to the crib, but she loves the incline so having some issues there!"
"We started in the bassinet but changed to the Rock n play... we love that thing! Also swaddling....its a god send!"
"Fisher Price Rock n Play sleeper. Great in our room, downstairs and super easy to travel with! You name it! This sleeper Rocks!"
Feeding Support Pillow
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"An essential piece of baby gear for me, the most used, is our (nursing) pillow. I bought one when I was pregnant with my first child 9 years ago, and still have it. It’s the only thing I’ve saved through all 4 of my kids, and my youngest is 8 months old, and it is still used daily."
"My son just turned 5 months old and our current must have is still his (nursing pillow)! It has such a variety of uses : feeding, playing, helping with tummy time"
"My wonderful (nursing) pillow. If I left it upstairs my DH would run up and bring it to me. I was so happy when I got a second one as a hand-me-down!!!"
"loooved my (nursing) pillow! It kept DD off my c-section incision, and just gave me a place to rest my arms while nursing DD. "
"Needed: (nursing) pillow — even if you don't breastfeed!"
"Wait – how could I forget?! The BEST thing – hands down – was the pillow I bought online to tandem nurse twins."
"My (nursing) pillow! I don’t know how I would have breastfed without that thing."
"I love my (nursing pillow)! It’s made it’s way through 2 kids now and makes feedings so much more comfy. It also makes a nice travel pillow!"
"#1 most used baby gear item: (nursing pillow), hands down"
"My essential is the (nursing) pillow."
"The (nursing) pillow has always been my fav!"
"I could not live without my (nursing pillow)!"
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What BabyCenter moms* are saying
"I LOVED my baby carrier! I don’t know what I would have done without it"
"My baby carrier is an absolute MUST and gets used every day! There’s nothing baby likes more than to look at the world snuggled up next to mamma."
"Baby carrier has been priceless! I have a couple different kinds that serve different purposes. Receiving blankets and his swing have also been really helpful!"
"I loved the (baby carrier); it was a life saver when all my baby wanted was to be held and walked, frees up your hands so you can get things done, while keeping baby happy "
"Loved, loved, loved my carrier. It was the one surefire way to put my son to sleep at night and still get stuff done (though I think his Daddy loved it even more). "
"A baby carrier! My first baby didn't want to be put down, ever! At first, I felt like I couldn't get anything done around the house without her getting really upset at not being held. A friend of the family gave me her baby carrier, and I was finally able to function with both hands again. It was the best gift!"
"(Baby carrier) all the way!"
"Baby carrier. I loved it because i didnt have to carry a big car seat around. Just wore him and carried our bags. My hands were free to do what ever i needed, plus he loved the feeling that he was up and being carried"
"My favorite and most recommended goto baby item is my (baby) carrier. I was lucky enough to get it as a hand me down from a friend and have used it constantly with both my kids. They loved being in it. It was also a lifesaver after my second son was born because I was able to go shopping with a newborn and a toddler without having to drag around a stroller! "
"I love my baby carriers. I love how I can still carry my 22 month old in it. It’s comfortable for both of us."
High Chair
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"If I had it to do all over again, I think I would get a space saver one that you can put right on a kitchen chair"
"I like a hairchair that is small, compact, and easy to move. With as much of a mess as kids make, the mobility is nice when cleaning. :)"
"I love the Fisher Price Space Saver. Unfortunately, I didnt get that one, but both sets of grandparents have one, and i wish I did too! its so easy to clean, fits everywhere, and doesnt take up a lot of room. If I have another baby, i would definitely get the space saver!"
" 6months+ I love the Space Saver high chair. My 2 year old is still using hers in booster form and we'll be getting the new baby one as well. Love that we don't have a regular high chair taking up space, and its easy to throw in the car and take to relatives' houses."
"Hands down the best high chair is the space saver. I have 2 of them and couldn't imange what meal times would be like with out them. I needed one (or 2) that would fit in my kitchen eating area and not take up that whole area"
"The best high chair is the Fisher Price Space Saver! It straps to any chair with a back and can be used formore then feeding. I put LO in it when I'm cooking so that he can sit with me. He can sit at the dinner table with us. I can put it on the floor so he can watch tv. I'll put little toys on his tray to play with. Also since its so small, I travel with it to family members house. "
"At that point we switched to one that goes on your own dining chair - more like a booster seat, with no soft material cover - so nothing to throw in the washing machine. Also much easier to throw in the car and take to restaurants etc. We again went Fisher Price. Was very happy with that and can throw parts in the dishwasher also! Not that I ever did - it was super easy to just suds it down in the sink and it was clean in a jiffy."
"Love love love the Fisher Price Space Saver high chair. It is amazing. It doesnt take up a lot of room, hence the name, and it is completely functional. Family dinners are major important in my family and when I became a wife/mommy I knew I wanted dinner time to be a time where we came together as a family. The space saver is perfect for that because it allows your child to be placed directly at the table in a dining room chair. The chair fits at the table and has its own area. It has been amazing with DS and now we are using it minus the tray as a transitional booster. There is not another chair I would consider for LO."
"I would also like to say I love the Fisher Price Space Saver, hands down the best!!! I live in a pretty smeall apartment and don't have much of a dining room so it's perfect :)"
"Space saver like pp said couldn't live w/o it:)"
"I wish I would've bought the FP Space Saver. :("
Activity Gym
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"I don't think I wouldn't have been able to live w/o my Ocean wonder swing and the activity gym. Those were both life savers."
"My DD hated being on her stomach. She would scream and cry every time, so it was important that her activity gym had plenty of things to do above her while she layed on her back. A comfy pad to lay on is also important."
"We LOVE LOVE LOVE our activity gym! I mostly use it at home but love how portable it is. Mine easily folds up and is light and easy to carry … It entertains her for ages!!!"
"DD LOVES her gym. We have it set up in the living room so she can hang out while mommy and daddy are hanging out. She loves looking in the mirror."
"My daughter loves her activity gym. She has such determination when trying to grab the hanging toys and its a joy to watch her succeed. She loves the lights and music!"
"My little girl likes to play on her activity gym. She likes to look at herself in the little mirror. It's also good when doing tummy time because she can still look at herself in the mirror and she is encouraged to roll over so she can get back to her hanging toys!"
"My DD absolutely loved her activity gym!! So much that she played with it until she was well past 9 months old!! The one she had played music but also had settings for birds chirping and nature sounds...the birds were her favorite and now, she LOVES being outside!! The hanging toys also really helped her master her coordination!! "
"I have the Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym. She can lay on her back and kick the piano while playing with her toys. Then I can lay her on her tummy for tummy time. She enjoys it. SHe has really strong legs and likes to kick so that's why we got it for her. I also like it because it is easy to travel with. "
"He smiles and giggles each time he plays on/in his activity gym. We as parents love it too because he is learning while he plays, it calms him down when he crys and it allows us to get some chores/cooking/down time while he happily plays. Thanks activity gym!!!"
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"The toy that my kids loved was the Jumperoo they could jump in it all day. If I let them."
"I think her favorite though of all the baby equipment was using the fisher price kangaroo jumperoo. She would jump like crazy in that thing!!! "
"Definitely a carseat and a baby carrier…and I also wouldn’t have survived the non-mobile stage without the Fisher Price jumperoo."
"I loved the jumparoo my son was introduced to it at 5 months and he would jump and laugh in it for atleast a good 20 ,mins it was a lifesaver for me so i would be able to vaccum or put a load of wash in the washer while he was jumping a good investment."
"I discovered that by far the best invention for babies might just be the jumperoo. So we decided to get the Fisher Price Rainforest themed one (which I've since discovered is the most popular jumperoo) and boy are we impressed! Our first daughter loved it! Given the success with the jumperoo with our first daughter, at the age of 4 months, we brought the Fisher Price Jumperoo out with our new baby Ava and she's been jumping away since. "
"My daughter loves loves her jumper, it’s Fisher Price, she loves being able to jump up & down. "
"He is a big boy and by about month 2, his swing barely even moved with him in it and my shoulders could only handle about 20 minutes of him in a carrier. But at about 5 months, his jumperoo was a life saver. It was the only thing that held his interest so that i could get things done around the house."
"My son would only last 5 minutes tops in anything that I would put him in. Besides my arms, the only other thing he liked was his jumparoo."
"I still could not live without our Fisher Price Snugabunny swing-- what a LIFESAVER. As I type this, LO is napping away in it. I also could not live without our baby seat, Fisher Price jumperoo & my (feeding) pillow- all a must in my book!"
Breast Pump
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"I couldn’t live without my electric pump. I used it all the time!"
"A must is a double breast pump, spend the money on a good one! I bought a cheaper model and it just didn’t work. "
"I definitely will not give up having a double breast pump, though. That was incredibly helpful."
"My (breast pump) was my best friend for years, I wouldn’t have survived without it!"
"I’m a working mom so with me breastfeeding, I would have never made it with out my (breast) pump."
"I loved the breast pump… no doubt about that! Our son was in the NICU the first 4 weeks of life and didn’t take to well to the formulas they had on hand, so it was great to pump and leave it for them to give it to him until I could feed him on my own."
"My must haves: breast pump, bouncy chair, (and) infant carrier."
"LOVE my electric breast pump and baby sleep sacks!"
"i agree with all of yours. swing, carrier, but most of all my pump- lifesaver! "
"A breast pump and the bags to fill to freeze the milk."
Play Mat
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"I use the playmat all the time, he loves to chill there."
"Play mats were the best…just a soft spot you can throw down for the baby to lay/play on."
"I was a full time active army, single mom too. How I got through daily showers and chores, if my daughter was awake she was on the floor mat that had the toys and what not that she had to reach for. She loved it and it encouraged her to mobilize herself, IMO I believe that is why she was walking by 9mos old."
"Other sanity savers: play mat and bouncie seat (I dragged that thing everywhere as a safe place for my LO to be when I couldn't hold her). "
"I also loved my playmat, the baby could sit under it forever."
"My LO is not even a month old yet, but I already see her looking around at all the bright colored toys on her activity mat!"
"My son loved the activity mat we where given as a gift. "
What people are saying:
  • @justicecw: @Crissy My son loved his jumparoo so much now I always buy one for expecting moms #FPBabyGear
  • @familynlifelv: @Crissy A1 - I had many, but my a Fisher Price swing with a good swaddle provide me with many sane hours! #FPBabyGear
  • @gratefulhoops: @momof2monkeys the swing is def my how it keeps baby entertained! #FPBabyGear
  • @simplyjunebug: @momof2monkeys So far the Snugabunny cradle 'n swing!! Life saver! #FPBabyGear
  • @candacki: q1 loved those activity mats too! #FPBabyGear
  • @secretsofkristi: @Crissy q2 - Breast pump was super helpful too. #FPBabyGear
  • @sewintoewe: @Crissy Q2 the breast pump! Who can nurse and not have one on hand! Lifesaver, sleepsaver. #FPBabyGear
  • @toodiesmomma: @gograhamgo my daughter loved the jumperoo too.. we still have ours #FPBabyGear
  • @shuggysmommy: @Crissy my youngest was colicky so the bouncer was a major lifesaver. I don't know what I would have done w/o it! #FPBabyGear
  • @candacki: @crissy q2 honestly...SO many of them. they really are the top ten! love the bf pillow, swing, high chair, etc.! #FPBabyGear
  • @candacki: q1 loved those activity mats too! #FPBabyGear
  • @mythisnthatlife: Q1: I LOVED my soft structured carriers!! #FPBabyGear
  • @melissabuonanno: @Crissy q2: I love the baby carrier. Mine was so awesome since little bug hated to be put down. #FPBabyGear
  • @toodiesmomma: @Crissy Q2- The feeding support pillow makes meal time so much easier. I took it everywhere.. even on the plane #FPBabyGear
  • @momof2monkeys: My favorite was the feeding support pillow made nursing so much easier! #FPBabyGear
  • @4evamamii: @crissy i have a sleeper and i love it!! #FPBabyGear
  • @loves_fluff: The FP Rock'N'Play Sleeper was a HUGE lifesaver for us for the first couple of months! I highly recommend it!! #FPBabyGear