Things That Every Child Should Hear From Dad

By Amanda Edwards

Shared by Alica
We just celebrated Father’s Day (September 21st) here in Australia, and now seems like an apt time to honor the relationship between a child and her dad.

At every stage of childhood, dads have a vital role to play in their kids' lives. Here are the most important things I heard from my dad.

“Never disrespect your mother.” I was fortunate enough to have a father who not only treated me with love and respect, but also my mother. Children will see what their dads believe about women by how they value and respect them -- starting with mom.

“You have my unconditional love.” The most important words I remember hearing as a little girl from my father are, without a doubt, "I love you." These three simple words, coupled with the endless support and encouragement from my father, assured me that he cared and loved me no matter what. I think it’s important for us as parents to continuously shower our little ones with affection.

“Don’t be afraid to be self-sufficient.” The language of fatherhood is not only about the things he says, but also about the activities he shares with his child. Learning to be a good sport, embracing assertiveness, accepting responsibility, and working toward achieving goals are lessons that dads can teach their children with a hands-on approach. Learning how to change a flat tire isn’t bad either.

“Strive for success.” My dad always told me that I could be anything I wanted to be. My father encouraged my dreams and made it clear that no matter what I do, he’ll always be there for me.

Just as my father encouraged and loved me, it’s a joy to watch the father of my children go above and beyond his role as a father. And I can’t help but reminisce about the days of being daddy’s little girl.

A freelance writer from Melbourne, Australia, Amanda Edwards especially enjoys writing tips on toddlers. She runs her own online wholesale business, and spends her days caring for her two young daughters, Grace and Milla.
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