Baby's Going to Get Hands On

By Viv Schaffel

Shared by Laura
My baby’s initial 12 months on earth were totally exciting, with so many firsts happening so fast. I was sure to keep my eyeballs peeled and my phone poised to snap any big baby-on-the-go moments he experienced.

Here's a quick guide to milestones I witnessed when my baby was on the move. Bear in mind these are my personal experiences; every baby is as unique as a snowflake and will develop at their own pace!

Head's Up. By the time my baby was 3-4 months old, he was able to hold his head up—even if it was a little wobbly. Around six months, he had enough control to move his head where he wanted.

Rolling Over. Between 4 and 6 months of age, my baby was using his little arms and torso strength to roll over. Baby's getting mobile!

Sitting Up. At around 6-8 months my boy was sitting up on his own. I learned that curved nursing pillows make for great baby-sitting supports. Just keep an eye on baby and make sure they don't slide or roll out of position.

Crawling. All that sitting and rolling had been prepping baby for crawling! I found this to go down at around 8 months of age, give or take a month or two. Some babies move around on all fours, mine did more of an army crawl on his elbows. Remember that crawling is like dancing—no two people move alike!

Viv Schaffel is a freelance journalist and essayist who writes for a vast array of publications, including CBS Watch!, The New York Times, Working Mother and The New York Post. She writes/performs sketch comedy and is an upstanding member of US Weekly’s Fashion Police, poking fun at red carpet risks.
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