Tips for Surviving a Pregnant Summer

By Viv Schaffel

Shared by Vanna
It's 100 degrees outside today – literally! And I can't help but recall how I felt just six years ago with sweat rolling into and off of crevices I didn't even know I had.

Pregnant summers can be tough. The heat in your body is cranked up as it is and when the sun really beats down, it can be extra challenging to keep your cool.

But fret not!

Here are some ways to chill out when you can't stand the heat.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. With all that crevice sweat I spoke of, it's really easy to get dehydrated in summer. Drink water ALL THE TIME. Iced, whenever possible. This may require planning your activities with an eye toward the closest restroom, but it beats the heck out of being hooked up to an IV. Like a little more flavor in your beverage? Choose coconut water over sodas and sugary drinks – it has natural electrolytes that help you stay hydrated.

Kick off Your Heels. When you're sporting a little extra baby weight, it's a little too easy for pregnant feet to swell up in the hot, hot heat – even if you take temporary shelter in air conditioning. To keep swelling down, prop your feet up whenever possible. Work in an office? Ask someone for a box or stool and elevate your tootsies when possible. Avoid constrictive strappy heels whenever possible and opt instead for low or no-heeled slides you can kick off – and get back on – at will. And remember, pregnancy is the perfect excuse to ask your S.O. to rub your barking dogs at night!

Dress Minimally. No, I don't mean exploiting your condition through nudism, or even the wearing of a belly shirt. The beauty of summer is it's sheath and sundress season! Embrace it by sporting a selection in light colors and featherweight fabrics. Cotton is always a good choice because it dries quickly. I mean, if ever it was appropriate to sport a sleeveless, empire waist dress, it's NOW!

Don’t over-do it outside. Pregnancy demands extra energy, so take it easy. Especially outside. The sun is the highest between 1pm and 4pm. If you need to run errands or visit a friend, try to do it when the sun isn’t the strongest. And don’t forget to stay up-to-date on the weather. Check your local forecast to see what the day has in store and remember: the shade is your friend.

Viv Schaffel is a freelance journalist and essayist who writes for a vast array of publications, including CBS Watch!, The New York Times, Working Mother and The New York Post. She writes/performs sketch comedy and is an upstanding member of US Weekly’s Fashion Police, poking fun at red carpet risks.
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