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Octonauts™ Shellington’s On-the-Go Pod

3 years & up

Approx. Retail Price:

  • Product Features

    Designed for on-the-go adventures, Shellington’s pod opens to reveal everything he needs for mobile missions! This marine biologist can fill up and empty his test tubes when you slide the pod’s lever back and forth! Shellington can also investigate with his magnifying glass and microscope!
    When he needs to quickly meet up with the crew, Shellington can slip through the pod’s trap door! To add even more action to your Octo-adventures, the pod can be used with the Octopod Playset!
    Simply snap Shellington’s pod onto the playset and he will be able to slide into the Launch Bay to report for duty! Includes pod, Shellington, removable microscope, magnifying glass and isopod. Other Fisher-Price® On-the-Go Pods and the Octopod Playset are each sold separately and subject to availability. Not intended for water play.

    • Shellington’s pod opens to reveal an action-packed playset!
    • Slide the lever back and forth to empty and fill the test tubes
    • Folds closed & everything stores inside for on-the-go adventures!
    • Includes pod, Shellington, removable microscope, magnifying glass and isopod.
    • Can be attached to the Fisher-Price® Octonauts™ Octopod Playset—figures can slide from the pod playset into the Launch Bay of the Octopod! Octopod Playset sold separately & subject to availability.
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