Octonauts™ GUP-X Launch & Rescue Vehicle

Age: 3 years & up
  • Price: $37.00

    Product: W3146

Even the most dangerous rescue mission is possible with the Octonauts’ toughest Gup yet – the Gup-X! The Gup-X transforms into 3 vehicles (Octo-tank, Octo-glider and Octo-ski) and includes 12 additional play pieces! Slide the lever to launch the slime disks and to activate sounds and phrases! Use the zip-line to rescue creatures and then whisk them away to safety with the transport tank and stretcher! Launch the Octo-Ski out of the Gup for a solo rescue mission! All pieces store inside the vehicle for easy clean up. Includes Gup-X (a 3-in-1 vehicle), Barnacles, four slime disks, three sea creatures, bandage, rescue zip-line, stretcher and transport tank. Requires 3 “AA” batteries. Not intended for water play.

• The Octonauts’ toughest vehicle yet—The Gup-X! This Gup transforms into 3 different vehicles—Octo-tank, Octo-glider and Octo-ski!
• Pull the lever to activate phrases and sound effects & to launch the slime disks!
• Launch the Octo-Ski out of the back of the Gup for solo rescue missions!
• Includes Gup-X & 12 play pieces—Barnacles figure, 4 slime disks, giant spider crab, snot sea cucumber, horseshoe crab, bandage, rescue pulley, stretcher and transport tank.
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