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  • Product Features

    Here’s the scoop on yummy fun! It starts with a “magic” scooper that actually picks up and serves ice cream scoops and toppings that stack on top of each other, and a banana that splits in two! Now just add a big helping of kids’ imaginations and the combinations for dessert and play are endless. One scoop or two? Chocolate or vanilla? Sundae or cone? Sprinkles or plain? Non-stop role play is definitely the order of the day!

    • Use the “magic” scooper to pick up and serve ice cream
    • Stack the scoops and toppings on each other
    • Split the banana or keep it whole
    • Includes “magic” scooper, four scoops of ice cream, three toppings, two cones, banana that “splits” in two, sundae dish, and spoon

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