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The skin around my baby’s toes is peeling.
The peeling skin around your baby’s toes is probably caused by too much moisture. Persistent moisture around the toes can lead to a variety of conditions that cause the skin to peel, including “maceration,” “dyshidrotic eczema” and “tinea pedis” (or athlete’s foot, a fungus infection).

Ask your pediatrician to check your baby’s feet and tell you the cause of her peeling skin. If it’s eczema or a fungus infection, the doctor might prescribe a medicated foot powder or cream to put between your baby’s toes several times a day for a week or two. It’s important to try to keep your baby’s feet clean, dry, and open to the air as much as possible. After her bath, dry her toes well. When you’re indoors, keep her barefoot. If you put her in a sleeper at night, avoid the sleepers with feet and rubberized soles because these cause her feet to sweat more. Either use the sleepers without feet and leave her barefoot, or use cotton socks.