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Why is my 7-month-old bored with his toys?
Billie Las Cruces
Often, when children reach a physical milestone, such as crawling or walking, they're so focused and excited about the new world that's opening up to them that other things, even toys, become less important for the moment. Once that skill is more developed, though, interest in toys and other things begins to resurface.

As for toys to entertain him at this stage, try picture books and toys that have lots of buttons and levers to press, twist and turn. Seven-month-old babies are also very interested in toys with surprises, as well as those that have put-and-take or stack-and-nesting features. Since your son is starting to walk, you might want to try an activity table or a push-behind walker so he could stand and play or use it for balance while taking those first steps.

Kathleen Alfano Ph.D. Director of Child Research at Fisher-Price®