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How long will a toy hold the interest of a 4- to 5-year-old?
All children are unique and have different interests. Their attention spans vary depending on individual experiences and interests. Many times, children will play with a toy for a while, lose interest for a time and then come back to it again with renewed interest and more elaborate play schemes. At this age, children are at the height of imaginative play. In addition, children will often combine toys and use them in a creative way. For example, while taking a stuffed animal for a ride on a trike, they may also carry a toy telephone with them for pretend phone calls and conversations. Often, children will have a favorite toy until the next “favorite” comes along. Sometimes favorite toys remain so for a long time. Children of 4 to 5 years also enjoy spending hours playing with blocks, pretend kitchens with play food, dress-up clothing and props. Toys designed for open-ended imaginative play like the Imaginext® playsets and Loving Family™ Dollhouse keep boys and girls of this age interested and engaged for hours.
Kathleen Alfano Ph.D., Former Director of Child Research at Fisher-Price®