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Computer-Crazy: Advice from Moms
Irene in Broadway

KC in Guelph, Ontario
Change his routine so he's on the computer earlier in the day, and make a rule that there's no computer time after dinner. Instead, create a new routine for after dinner, like family playtime, outside time or solo play. Definitely follow the last activity of the day with an interactive bedtime routine, like a story, cuddling or 10 minutes of shadow play. Be consistent, and he'll be OK.

Elizae in Chicago
Show him the clock and tell him that when the big hand comes to a certain number he needs to shut down the computer. Kids feel much more empowered when they can take on this responsibility.

Anna in Newark
When my daughter does this, I remind her that the computer will still be there to play with tomorrow; tonight it's time for bed. I also point out parts of her bedtime routine that she enjoys, like reading a book and getting on her soft pajamas.

Sarah in Dayton
Being on the computer late can stimulate his mind and cause him to have restless nights. Instead, offer your son books before bedtime and make a daytime schedule for his computer use.

Desiree in Charlottesville
We use the oven timer to let our daughter know when her 30 minutes is up on the computer. If she gets angry, she loses her computer time for the next day. I also make her stop if she gets too frustrated with the game she's playing.