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At Grandma's, everything is hands-off!
Virginia San Diego
Grandma might be a little too strict, and you might be a little too lenient.

Certainly your daughter will have outgrown the desire to touch and hold everything by next Christmas. But, if there is a visit between now and then (and I hope there is, as children need to know their grandparents), alert Grandma to put up all her truly valuables but to leave a few things around that your daughter may not touch.

At your end, play a little game with your daughter. Explain to her that Grandma has some special treasures that she wants to make certain do not get broken. Then put down a few of your own (or make believe that some of those within reach are in some way special) and role play a visit to Grandma. Tell her, “On this table you can touch or hold everything except this one. You may point to it, but don’t pick it up.” You’ll find she will enjoy the game and that at Grandma’s on the next visit she will repeatedly point and ask—and hopefully pick up only those that are allowed.
Dr. Bettye M. Caldwell Ph.D. Professor of Pediatrics in Child Development and Education